Careers In Construction: 4 Paths To Consider When Going Into The Home Building Business

Some of the most important careers in the world today are those that are found in the homebuilding industry. People all over the world are looking for homes that are well built by people who are friendly and hard working. When going into the homebuilding business, there are a few different paths that one can take. Four of the most common paths in homebuilding are roofers, painters, carpet installers and electricians.


Roofing is fairly straightforward. Roofers work on the top of a house to lay shingles and construct the roof. They work outside in the sun, and their work is hard. However, they do make good money, and the workout that they receive while working is good for the body. It will be best for you to find an entry-level job under someone experienced if becoming a roofer is something that you want to do. Those who are afraid of heights need not apply. A good example of what kind of company you would be working for is A. Clark Roofing is one of the roofing contractors in Edmonton Alberta.


When you become a painter, you must decide whether you want to focus on internal painting or external painting. Of course, you may decide to specialize in both if you feel that you are knowledgeable enough in the field to be successful. Once you decide that you want to be a painter, you must then obtain a license by taking the state examination. Once you do this and have all your tools, you are set to go.

Carpet Installer

The job description for someone who installs carpet can include removing old flooring, measuring floor areas, preparing floors and installing carpet. This work is physically demanding, but no college degree is necessary to become a carpet installer. While some states will require that you have a license, many do not. The key to becoming a carpet installer is to find an entry-level job that will allow you to grow into an experienced carpet installer.


Becoming an electrician can take a lot of time and effort, but there are plenty of jobs for those who successfully become licensed electricians. One of the best ways to become an electrician is to attend a trade school after graduating from high school and then obtaining an apprenticeship. If you want to become a master electrician, you will have to pass an examination to become licensed by the state.

Getting Started

These are just a few of the different career paths available to you in the homebuilding industry, but there are always more. All of these professions require hard work and dedication, so it’s important for you to decide beforehand whether or not it’s something that you really want to do. For those who journey into the homebuilding business, you will likely be rewarded with plenty of work and good pay.

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