12 Career Advice Blogs Worth Reading to Advance Your Career

There are countless guides, books, blogs, and websites on how and where to look for a job. And how to behave at the workplace once you have found your dream job.

But which resources are the most helpful? Where can you get the best information to advance your career?

We have put together the best career blogs for you. Whether you are a student, a young professional, or a business owner: We have filtered by thematic focus so that there is something for everyone. There are also hot tips for finding a goal for those whose path is not yet clear. Save time and, above all, patience when surfing the net!

1. Career Geek https://www.careergeekblog.com/

Here you will find up-to-date and helpful tips on topics such as starting a career and looking for a job. The blog is known for varied topics such as tips for the first day at work and remote and online working. In addition to the blog posts, Career Geek offers a detailed career guide on the topics of a cover letter, CV, and letter of motivation. It even provides an online CV builder.

Since 2011, Partaker and his team give detailed and authentically written help for writing resume applications. They are explained step by step, with free templates and examples for cover letters and CVs to download. The blog also offers further information on career and application topics such as salary negotiations, internships abroad, and job fairs. The blog also covers the current application trends.

We can learn a lot from the speaker and decision-making expert. Especially when it comes to careers. The focus of his coaching is on key career aspects. Some of them are better decision-making, individual creative power, personal goal and strategy development, and self-responsibility. This is a great motivation for those who always want to improve!

2. The Muse https://www.themuse.com/

The mission of The Muse is to put not just all but the best job and career tips together for the readers. The co-founders Alex and Kathryn, together with a strong editorial staff of more than seventy succeeded with flying colors. Here you will find everything to do with studying, starting a job, and planning your career. The tips for applicants are particularly successful: from creating the application portfolio to preparing for the interview, you will find everything here briefly and concisely, explained step by step. Perfect help for career starters and young professionals! In addition, new, valuable articles are added every day on the topics of labor law, psychology, and finance.

The business magazine examines a variety of topics, approaches, and ideologies relating to careers and values. The Muse reports on news from the world of work in the form of reports, interviews, guides, and excerpts from books. Exciting and unconventional prepared!

The Muse blog brings together all the latest news about the world of work and training. As the leading network for the new world of work, it shows readers ways to do self-determined and meaningful work. Refreshing perspectives and valuable orientation for happy working people!

3. The Balance Careers https://www.thebalancecareers.com 

With twenty years of work and more than ten thousand pieces of content material, The Balance Careers is one of the most popular career blogs. The articles on career development, career planning, personality, and strength development are characterized by depth of content and precise language.

The Balance Career magazine targets readers who aspire to improve their work roles. It opens up a worldwide network of head-hunters and recruiters and gives readers helpful tips for job interviews and negotiations. A quiz on negotiation types provides information on how you can stand up for your interests even more convincingly in the future.

Even if this blog focuses on working professionals, industry insiders can provide insightful impulses for new applicants. The Balance Careers presents news and trends in human resources and recruiting and shows perspectives and developments in this sector. It covers unique topics such as Should You Post Your Resume on TikTok? and How to age-proof your resume.

4. Classy Career Girl https://www.classycareergirl.com/

The business coach, entrepreneur, book author, and speaker devote her blog to the subject complex of women-family-career. Her contributions provide an exciting insight into the working world of tomorrow. True to the title of her book – The professional woman’s guide to managing men, she shows the reader new, clever and entertaining perspectives on the subject of women in business. A fresh addition to the traditional career blogs, we think!

This career portal for women was picked as one of Forbes’ top 100 websites for women and one of Forbes’ 35 most influential career sites. Anna Runyan focuses on the connection between the labor market and digital change in her blog. Young professionals, as well as specialists and executives, will find comprehensive information about careers and the future here. You can find crucial career tips, practical tools, and gadgets at a glance! For example, her love your career formula class is The quickest and fastest way to find the career you were born to do, be wildly successful at it, and leave your lasting mark on the world. Then, there is the corporate rescue plan which is a proven path to quitting your day job and starting a profitable and fulfilling business you love and making a difference in the world.

5.   Work It Daily https://www.workitdaily.com/

Executive trainer & business coach J. T. O’Donnell and her team write about diverse career paths in the career advice blog for young talents, experienced professionals, and executives. In the form of exciting reports, interviews, and experiments, the online magazine reflects on the opportunities and risks of the world of work. Appealingly prepared, it offers a comprehensive insight into the professional world. It is worth visiting the site regularly!

The target group of one of the leading career portals Works It Daily are people who seek and give advice. It is a place for both executives and employees. On the community page, visitors share their knowledge about training, applications, career choices, employers, salaries, and careers. Everyone participates, supports each other, and – most importantly – has fun!

There is content on job orientation, job search, and self-employment. The blog offers advice and guidance to professionals actively seeking employment. This is also a space for those unemployed, looking for an improvement in their job, or considering the option of self-employment as a job opportunity. The objective is to provide information, guides, tutorials, and practical resources, easily applicable, with examples and real cases.

6. Ask A Manager https://www.askamanager.org/

Do you think that there is another place where you can get an answer to questions such as: Can I wear the same dress for the first 100 days of my new job?

True to the credo “you will never know until you ask”, Alison Green summarizes her extensive knowledge of career coaching, career development, and crisis coaching in her blog. Valuable support for those who want to approach their career consistently and actively! As a supplement to the insightful impulses that the consultant and trainer give the reader along the way, she offers further personal coaching.

This weblog explores triggering questions such as job hunting (How do you find the right job and what does the ideal job ad need to be able to do?) or salary (Am I earning what I should be earning? Which industries are experiencing a payroll surge right now?), on the tooth. Exciting tips and tricks as well as entertaining and informative articles!

She also had a successful podcast partnership with HowStuffWorks. On each show, she took calls and talked directly with listeners about how to deal with clueless co-workers, toxic bosses, impossible employees, and much more.

7. The Grad Cafe https://www.thegradcafe.com/

The Grad Cafe blog network offers readers an affinity for education and in-depth expert knowledge related to school, training, studies, distance learning, further training, jobs, and careers. In addition to first-class content on job descriptions, inquisitive people will also find practical tips on how to apply. If you are interested you can exchange ideas with like-minded people in the forum!

The special section for job exchange for trainee programs and starting a career as a trainee is aimed at students and young graduates. You can locate attractive employers and current vacancies here. The special feature: the look behind the scenes. Informative interviews with trainees and HR managers give the first impression of companies. Plenty of advice and tips for every graduate and young professional on their first career journey.

The career guide from the Grad Cafe offers help in all phases of career planning. For example, when it comes to the question of whether a trainee, direct entry, or rather a stay abroad can be useful for starting your professional life. Bundled information on cover letters, CVs, and online applications is also valuable. The blog offers examples, tasks, and exercises for those facing an upcoming interview. Top recommendation: the insider interviews! HR professionals provide insightful insights here.

8. Flex Jobs https://www.flexjobs.com/

The Flex Jobs career blogs give access to reports on career paths and job prospects, career strategies, and options abroad career for women and career types. You will also find a good overview of current trade fairs, events, and top companies here. The website includes a special feature: successfully presenting free webinars on various topics. Some of them are how to apply for an international company, self-management, confident appearance in business situations, and much more.

Sara Sutton, career and management coach, also known as the “queen of remote work”, provides information on professional reorientation, applications, corporate culture, and much more.

To be able to shape your career path independently, she pays particular attention to personal goal development and the awareness of strengths and values. The team of the Flex Jobs career blog gives a change of perspective on the modern way of working. They write about new ways of work, work-life balance, and career decisions.

9. Job-Hunt https://www.job-hunt.org/

A cheeky and loosening up business blog offering “advice for a shorter, smarter, & safer job search” is how Dane Spearing describes his current “experiment” that he is running with his team. Whether it is a career change, being laid off, or just losing motivation to work: the articles not only bring joy but also offer authentic, critical, and provocative insights into the world of work. It is a perfect break for the sometimes struggling job search.

The extensive handbook for all professions offers a very well-structured job overview by industry. Job-hunt is convenient for job seekers and those interested in networking as top companies for career advances present themselves here.

In addition to the database for job searches in different industries, job-hunt offers free resumes, CV,s and cover letter examples. As they advise, the CV will be the first impression that companies will have of us. Our curriculum vitae must always be up-to-date and adapt to any situation to achieve the best results.

According to practice, recruiters generally prefer to select attractive and unique resumes. And the CVs found on job-hunt will have a good chance of being included in the next steps of the recruitment process.

10. Career Sherpa https://careersherpa.net/

Hannah Morgan, a former employee in human resources, outplacement services, workforce development, and career service, passes on her know-how from the job exchange environment in this blog. Here you will find everything related to the topic of jobs and careers, as well as national and international job exchanges. Exciting insights!

Particular attention is given to job search tools. You will find checklists, sample personal marketing plans, sample cover letters, conversation starters, assessments, and more to help you navigate your job search.  

This blog focuses on potential development, goal coaching, motivation, and strategy. Hannah gives inspiring suggestions for setting goals and motivates you to examine your needs and desires more deeply. The live seminars are a special gimmick. The topics are based on the interests of the members. Your wishes and ideas are welcome!

11. Find Spark https://www.findspark.com/

The Find Spark career blog is one of the best-known career portals for young professionals. There are many open offers in the job exchange, especially in the start-up scene. Under the “Job Board” heading, the best employers near your location are presented, filtered by industry. There are also notifications on live events, as well as opportunities for networking between members. There are even success stories of clients landing their dream job with the help of the site. Exciting and always up to date!

The Find Spark blog brings together articles on all aspects of job hunting. From online reputation management to experience reports and job profiles – all important topics are addressed here. In addition to the articles, the classic basic information on employment contracts, salary and finances, applications, and job interviews are clustered.

12. Career Stance https://careerstance.com/

Career Stance is one of the leading career consultancies. The basis of their holistic advice is a comprehensive personality analysis, which is based on personal psychological and aptitude diagnostic procedures. From this, they derive concrete recommendations on how their clients can develop their potential professionally and personally. Because that is the prerequisite for an all-around fulfilling job and life planning.

The Career Stance career blog offers a structured overview of apprenticeships and work areas. You will also find practical tips for applications with sample examples here. Those who need additional help with career guidance can contact the team at any time, as it offers excellent coaching services. Great support!

The blog is aimed at people who are at a crossroads in their career journey. If you feel unhappy, stuck, uninspired, or unable to decide on your work life, Career Stance is here to help.

Visitors will find useful information here on the topics of applications and interviews, body, mind, and job, and the (new) world of work. The blog is supplemented by subject-specific job advice. Some of them are insurance, humanitarian aid, management, acting, sports, and much more.

You will find articles that will lead you to reflect on management based on trust in organizations, the development of skills, positivism, and motivation. Also about happiness and values ​​and keys to personal and professional development. So everyone will find something of their interest.


Nowadays, the online world is essential to be informed and connected with the world. Not only does it provide us with contacts with others, leisure, and entertainment, but it also offers us knowledge and learning tools that, well selected and used, turn out to be beneficial in our daily lives.

When looking for a job, new technologies are currently one of the most essential tools to facilitate the arduous task of finding our perfect job. They offer us information on vacancies, they help us find the best companies, and they allow us to create profiles on social networks and networking, thus enabling us to be connected with the business world.

The blog creates the space for reflection and professional growth that will drive the reader to achieve their goals, either to look for work, to improve professionally or also to make a professional change.

What are the best talent development blogs? What professional guidance blogs are recommended?

It is very difficult to narrow down a few, given the vast amount of information that can be found on the internet today about talent development and career guidance.

In this list of the 12 best blogs on career advice, you will find everything I do in job orientation, training, personal branding and emotions in the search for professional opportunities. Sometimes it will be a place where stories will be told that I hope will inspire us to be better and… why not? braver.