Build Trust With These 5 Tips So You Get That Next Promotion

Getting a promotion at work is a common goal, but it’s not always easy to plan the right strategy. Since almost everyone would like to be promoted, you are always competing with your co-workers. How do you stand out and show your boss or manager that you are the one who deserves the position? The key is in building trust, and these five tips will help you do just that.

1. Don’t Be a “Yes” Man or Woman

Some employees think that they way to to ingratiate themselves at work is to agree wholeheartedly with everything the boss says. This only makes you seem disingenuous and perhaps conniving. Instead, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Naturally, you have to use discretion and not get into the habit of arguing or resisting your boss. You should not be afraid to give him or her your honest opinion if it is requested as more feedback is almost always appreciated and can show your employer that you take their concerns seriously.

2. Be a Good Listener

Make sure that you pay close attention when your boss explains something to you. If you frequently misunderstand things or must have things explained to you multiple times, it doesn’t make a good impression. It suggests that you are either not paying attention or that you aren’t bright enough to understand. You can make yourself look more attentive and competent simply by paying attention and listening.

3. Go Beyond the Call of Duty

The person who gets the promotion is rarely the one who says things like “It’s not my job,” or “That’s not my problem.” Be proactive, and show that you’re interested in the future of the company. This should be apparent even if something isn’t, strictly speaking, your responsibility. Be willing to go the extra mile and it will be noticed.

4. Look For Innovative Solutions

Everyone appreciates a person who can solve problems. This may require you to do some research or think creatively. For example, if you work for a company in the transportation industry that needs financing, you might suggest looking into If some of your technology is outdated, you could suggest replacing it with more efficient models. In short, when you notice a problem or obstacle at work, go out of your way to find a solution.

5. Don’t Complain, Whine or Gossip

Having a positive attitude always gives you an edge when it’s time to promote someone. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly walk around with a huge smile on your face. At the very least, however, you should avoid getting caught up in petty office politics and gossip. The worst thing you can do is complain to your boss about every little thing that annoys
you. Try to stay focused on your job and getting long as best you can with your co-workers, even those you don’t particularly like.

Getting the promotion you want takes hard work, and it also means being the kind of person who can handle responsibility. Keep these tips in mind and try to put yourself in your boss’s shoes. Always try to behave like the kind of person who truly deserves that promotion.

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