Bookkeeper Resume Example [2 Samples & Writing Guide]

Numerous bookkeeper job openings get posted on different platforms every day. The hiring manager invites many applicants to send their resumes so that they can be shortlisted for those bookkeeper job vacancies. Thus, a resume is very important in the job search process. It provides you with a platform to discuss with the hiring manager about a job opportunity face to face. A resume is considered a living document that serves as your number one first impression to the hiring managers. Due to the huge bookkeeping job applications usually made on a single job posting, your resume should be compelling to stand out from the others.

Knowing how to format and fill in the required information on a bookkeeping resume can be quite challenging. This article provides you with a guide on how to write an eye-catching resume. It provides you with a sample that will give you a clear picture of what to include and what to avoid when writing a resume. Feel free to customize it to fit your qualifications, education, experience, and skills.

Bookkeeper Job Description

The bookkeeper is one of the significant hubs for most of the payroll and financial information in every business. Many businesses need bookkeepers who can assist in managing their daily finance and accounting requirements.  A good booker keeper must be well organized and accurate in their roles. The main role of a bookkeeper is to keep track of the money earned and spent by the company. This includes preparing accounts and documenting the day-to-day financial transactions.

Position Description

A bookkeeper takes care of the company’s everyday financial tasks. He or she is responsible for all the accounts including payable and receivable. A bookkeeper is also responsible for all bank account management, reconciliation tasks, and payroll. To work efficiently, a bookkeeper must know Quickbooks and Xero. He or she must have a high degree of accuracy and patience. Ultimately, a top-notch bookkeeper must be self-driven and be ready to work for long hours to ensure that the organization reduces losses.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper

  • Reconciling payroll taxes, bank accounts, 401k, and sales taxes at the end of every month.
  • Recording daily financial transactions as well as completing all posting process
  • Ensuring that transactions are documented in the correct suppliers’ ledger, general ledger, customer ledger, and day book.
  • Processing both receivable and payable accounts
  • Matching purchases orders with their respective invoices
  • Monitoring all office expenses, calculating, and entering cash receipts
  • Paying vendors’ invoices and tracking bank account balances
  • Creating monthly financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flow, loss statements, and profit
  • Coordinating bank deposits as required by the higher management.
  • Reporting financial results to the management regularly
  • Preparing all tax returns as well as completing tax forms following the set procedures and regulations.
  • Conducting partial checks of all the posting process
  • Bringing the financial books to the trial balance stage

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Outstanding  knowledge of basic accounting principles
  • Excellent knowledge of using bookkeeping software
  • Strong communication skills; verbal and written
  • Very keen on details
  • Ability to calculate, post, and handle accounting and financial records
  • Data entry skills
  • Hands-on experience using proprietary and spreadsheets software
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office
  • Customer service skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • A high degree of accuracy

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration
  • A minimum of 2 years of bookkeeping experience in a business services environment
  • Excellent understanding of general bookkeeping as well as accounting receivable/payable principles
  • Experience using accounting software such as Quickbooks, MYOB, and Xero.
  • Proficiency in computer skills and English language


A senior bookkeeper earns $40002 annually, according to Moreover, an average bookkeeper takes home $53,894 per year while an assistant bookkeeper gets $34,018 per year.

Bookkeeper CV Example 1

Maxwell T

Address: 3239 Arbutus Drive Miami, Florida, United States


Phone number: 305-829-6572

Personal Profile  

A hardworking bookkeeper with 10 years of experience in managing business accounts, reducing outstanding debts, and updating financial records.Endeavors to increase business profitability by creating good relationships with vendors and other clients. Multitalented with skills in customer orientation, organization, and communication skills. Possesses a high degree of accuracy and ability to work for long hours without losing attention. Have the ability to meet the company’s objectives with a strong multitasking and organizational approach. A bookkeeper who strives to build processes that can save a business time and improve accuracy to produce a holistic financial return. Able to update records and create reports using software programs such as Quickbooks, Xero, and Microsoft excel. Possess a practical approach to problem-solving in a challenging and competitive environment.

Work Experience

Bookkeeper, Miami Tophill institute, Fl, United States

6/2017 – 7/2021

  • Maintained and recorded business transactions  for the assigned departments
  • Functioned with computers that were programmed using accounting software to store, record, and analyze information
  • Performed checks on postings, figures, and documents  to ensure proper coding, mathematical accuracy, and correct entry
  • Debited and credited accounts on the computer database as required by the management
  • Classified, recorded, and summarized financial and numerical data to compile and store financial records
  • Balanced ledgers, reconciled accounts, and prepared reports while complying with bookkeeping policies established by the organization
  • Compiled financial, statistical, auditing, and accounting data
  • Evaluated tables of matters such as expenditures, cash receipts, profit, losses, and accounts  payable/receivable
  • Assisted with budget preparations and ensured that expenditures were as per the code balances of item acquisition
  • Conducted invoice activities and paid vendors for the delivered items
  • Created monthly financial statements such as cash flow, balance sheets, profit, and loss statements.

Bookkeeper, Bob Property Management, Fl, USA

5/2014 – 5/2017

  • Provided exceptional accounting service to clients
  • Supported client onboarding process per the process set by the organization
  • Reconciled bank accounts, sales taxes, and payroll taxes at the end of the month
  • Recorded all the financial transactions that were performed in the business every day
  • Effectively processed receivable and payable accounts
  • Matched purchases order with their invoices on time
  • Ensured that documents such as day book, customer ledger, supplier ledger, and general ledger were well stored
  • Kept abreast of the latest developments in bookkeeping to ensure that I deliver quality service
  • Spearheaded the migration of bookkeeping tasks to QuickBooks hence saving the business more than $200,000 per year in vendor and software costs.
  • Entered important journal entries into the  main general ledger book with minimal oversight
  • Oversaw and coached a team of four junior bookkeepers
  • Prepared all financial reports and analyses before the deadlines

Assistant bookkeeper, Sabal Elementary School, Melbourne, FL

2/2011- 4/2014

  • Conducted and managed the general ledger
  • Supported quality archived records by making sure that every document was filed correctly
  • Effectively outlined accounts receivable invoices, reviewed payment received, and recorded deposits
  • Presided over an efficient system that helped in tracking the financial transactions of the school
  • Clearly defined policies, rules, and procedures for bookkeeping that helped in improving working efficiency in the accounting department
  • Developed monthly financial statements such as cash flow and balance sheets
  • Tracked bank account balances
  • Monitored all office expenses, calculate, and entered cash receipts
  • Coordinated all bank deposits
  • Prepared all tax returns in good time
  • Performed partial checks of the posting process
  • Monitored all banks balances and updated all entries


  • 1/2006 – 12/2010, Bchelor’s degree in Finance

, University of Miami

  • 1/2001 – 10/2004, High School Diploma, Green Star Academy


  • Certified bookkeeper
  • Certificate in computer packages


Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office (word, excel, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint)
  • Accounting Software


  • English
  • Spanish

Other skills

  • Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks
  • Time management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Budgeting control skills
  • Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Negotiation and customer service skills
  • Ability to organize, compile, and interpret accounting data and information
  • Proficient with quick books

Bookkeeper CV Example 2

Ann Bruno

Address: FemHouse, 31 Ilchester Road, England, UK

Email address:

Phone number: 1102-480-555

Personal Profile

A Self-motivated and result-driven bookkeeper with over 9 years of experience in administering receivable and payable accounts. Possesses excellent knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles. Can efficiently organize, collect, interpret and communicate results of financial data. Able to work individually or as part of a team yet produce high results. Always focused to see the business making profits and not losses. Proficient in QuickBooks, accounting software, and Microsoft office. Ready to work in a competitive and challenging environment with patience, intelligence, and responsibility under minimum or no supervision.

Work Experience

Bookkeeper, Trister Property Management, London, United Kingdom

4/2016 – 5/2020

  • Ensured compliance with the policies and procedures set by the organization
  • Prepared payments and fill in supporting documents as per the requirement of the organization
  • Prepared monthly bank reconciliations as well as other receivable accounts
  • Assisted in the preparation of financial statements required for auditing purposes
  • Managed the organization’s payroll
  • Prepared statutory deductions and remittances to the relevant bodies
  • Prepared quarterly and monthly management reports sharing them with the executive board
  • Posted all expenses to QuickBooks and filed all the supporting documents based on the accounting principles and standards
  • Supported in organizational budgeting and expenditure monitoring.

Bookkeeper, Missions of Hope, Birmingham, UK

2/2011 – 4/2015

  • Prepared quarterly, monthly, and yearly tax declarations as well as business taxes, payroll, and operating taxes
  • Verified cash and inventories figures on the accounting system
  • Maintained accurate records of credit notes, payment statements, and invoices on the accounting system
  • Liaised with vendors to ensure that they understood the contract terms before processing payment
  • Prepared payables reports and other financial reports for review by higher management
  • Aided with budget preparations and ensured that expenditures were based on the code balances of item acquisition
  • Prepared and updated the asset register
  • Performed financial review of payment requests, purchase orders and purchase requests to ensure compliance with the business policies and procedures.
  • Provided training, consultation, and guidance on compliance with policies and procedures set by the organization.
  • Supported the higher management  to improve the efficiency of existing control systems

Junior bookkeeper, Sustainable urbanization ltd, England, United Kingdom

2/2009 – 1/2011

  • Effectively handled day-to-day bank statements
  • Kept-to-date QuickBooks accounting software
  • Aided with payroll administration
  • Created proper files, receipts, and invoices to keep records well-organized and easily accessible
  • Assisted in the preparation of the audit process
  • Ensure that bills and invoices were paid on time
  • Recorded and collated daily transactions
  • Administered receivable and payable accounts
  • Handled daily petty cash
  • Assisted during year-end closings
  • Performed bank and account reconciliation


  • 1/2005 – 11/2008, Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Kingston University, UK
  • 2/1999 – 10/2003, General Certificate of Secondary Education, Breanum Senior School, England


  • Certified bookkeeper
  • Certified public accountant



  • English
  • Dutch
  • American Sign Language

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite

Other skills

  • Customer service skills
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving skills.
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Interpersonal and Communication skills

Bookkeeper Resume Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Are The Main Duties And Responsibilities  Of A Bookkeeper?

It is always very necessary to match your roles with those that are appearing on a bookkeeper job posting when writing a bookkeeper resume. Your resume should demonstrate that you can exercise the roles outlined in the job posting. Knowing the duties and responsibilities of a bookkeeper is the first touch point while filling this section in your resume. A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of the company’s income and expenditures. A bookkeeper prepares accounts and documents the daily financial transactions of a business. He or she keeps tabs on everything to ensure that the business’s finances are intact such as bank reconciliations, cash flow statements, and loss statements.

2. What Qualities And Skills Should I Include In My Resume?

Ensure you have understood the skills and qualities that an employer wants before you can indicate your strong qualities in the resume. Review the job posting carefully and correctly match your qualities with what appears on the job posting. A good bookkeeper must have an outstanding knowledge of basic accounting principles and be keen on details. He or she should be highly organized and hold a high degree of accuracy in the bookkeeping role. Hands-on experience with spreadsheets software and proprietary is a key quality to mention in your resume. Other important skills a bookkeeper should possess are data entry, customer service, negotiation, communication, and multitasking skills. As you outline your qualities and skills, ensure that you demonstrate your ability to compute, post, and manage accounting and financial records.

3. How Can I Make My Resume Impressive?

There is a lot of competition in the job search today and opportunities are scarce. You must therefore make your resume outshine others for you to stand a chance of getting invited for an interview. Due to the huge number of job applications that hiring managers receive, they may not have time to read each resume. That is why you must make your resume attractive to impress your potential employer. Ensure that your resume is simply formatted with easy-to-read fonts, bullets, and headings. Do not put on graphics or bright colors for they may distract the hiring manager. Putting bright colors and graphics may also indicate a lack of professionalism.

Your resume should also capture key qualities of a bookkeeper such as being detail-oriented, proficient in Microsoft office, and organized. Besides being honest and confidential, a top-notch bookkeeper takes initiative and can meet tight deadlines. Once, you are done writing your resume, proofread it and correct any spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

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4. Is It A Must I Include Hobbies And Interest On My Resume?

Including hobbies and interests can provide support to your resume with limited professional experience. They can highlight crucial interests that go beyond your education and work history. Before including interests and hobbies in your resume, contemplate well what you want to communicate to your potential employer. The hobbies that you outline provide employers with an idea of your additional skills and how you spend your time. On the other hand, interests indicate topics that you are exploring or would be interested in exploring in the future.  Hobbies and interests might place you as a good match for the job. However, there are instances where hobbies and interests may add little or no value to your bookkeeping resume. Therefore, it is important to research the company receiving your resume before you can include your hobbies and interests. This is because some hiring managers have a work culture that less emphasis on interests and hobbies.

5. What Is The Best Format For Writing A Bookkeeping Resume?

The format to use when writing a bookkeeping resume depends on the job you are applying for and your background. However, a chronological resume is one of the most commonly used formats. It is a format that aids the hiring manager to understand your recent work experiences and values quickly.  Since the hiring manager may not have enough time to thoroughly go through your resume, it is very crucial to prioritize your rent information to increase the chances of getting shortlisted for an interview. A chronological resume will be more beneficial to you if you have no gaps between jobs, you have worked for several clients in one industry, or you have many years of experience in a certain career path.