Best Paying Jobs In Dubai

Dubai has the most competitive job market in the world. It’s a common fact that there are millions of people desperately looking for jobs in Dubai. In this post I would like to discuss about those segments of the job market which pays the best. Also, few important steps you should always keep in mind to get a job faster. Follow these to have an edge over others in the burning competition.

The worst part of job search in Dubai is generally the poor response from recruitment firms. The major reason for the delay and slow response is the volume of CV they receive for multiple openings. There are high chances that they might not even come across your resume even though you are the most suitable candidate for a particular profile.

So let us discuss few important points to overcome such issues and get placed in the job you desire.

Point 1 – Avoid contacting Job Agencies and directly look for employer ads

There are many employers who advertise for vacancies in the newspapers. For such information you can check Khaleej Times and Gulf News, the leading newspapers in Dubai. Also try and search online and contact them on their websites as in maximum cases employers advertise for job vacancies on their own sites. Also check Dubai yellow pages for suitable companies.

Point 2 –  If you are in touch with few recruitment agencies then stick to the most reliable ones

You will find hundreds of recruitment agencies in Dubai. But there are very few in which provide good services and on which you can you can rely. Listed below are two of the most reliable portals which are very common among job seekers. (Clarendon Parker) (Charter House Middle East)

The other useful option is to search for local recruitment agencies in your area who recruits majorly for Dubai.

Point 3- Look for the best online job portals

Listed below are few of the top online portals which have been found reliable enough offering various openings in multiple sectors.


·         Gulf Talent

·         Monster gulf

Dubai is a tax free country and that is the reason lot of multinational organizations have offices there. It has become the first choice for anyone who seeking a well-paid job.

Let us now discuss few high paid jobs in Dubai:

Financial Sector Jobs- Business in Dubai is always on boom, and if you are seeking job in the financial sector then you are surely going to be in a very lucrative industry. In this sector employees are paid really well for their skills. If you are from the financial background then you will find good opportunities in Dubai banks. There are almost every multinational bank having branches in different parts of Dubai and the UAE.

Oil and Gas Sector Jobs – As we all are aware almost every Arab Country has big investments in Oil industry and Dubai is also one of them. Those who are highly qualified and skilled pertaining to jobs in the sector, are well-paid. The oil and gas industry is also looking for less experienced people, or freshers. Therefore, people who are not much educated but have the right skill sets can also check out for such job opportunities to start a promising career in this field.

Medical Jobs – Dubai, which considered as one of the best countries in the mid-east in this field, has made big investments in this sector. Therefore, you can find some good opportunities in the medical & pharma sectors too.

Author Bio: Kunal Chhibber is a professional content writer with proficient skills in research. His expertise lies in writing articles on the career opportunities in Dubai.  He is a graduate in management and music is a passionate hobby to which he is committed to as a part time Disc Jockey.

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