Are You an Asset? Steps to Make Yourself More Valuable at Work

If you are worried about downsizing, or want to move up the corporate ladder, you may be wondering what you can do to make yourself indispensable at work. While you will want to maintain good standing, and a pleasant attitude, here are four more steps you can take make yourself more valuable in the workplace.

Volunteer to Do Additional Tasks

You can volunteer to handle the annual blood drive, take on new clients, or even organize the monthly performance reports. A supervisor who is forced to lay someone off, is likely going to choose your sullen co-worker who only does what is required, so find ways to take on additional tasks. This will show that you want to be helpful, and that you look for solutions in addition to looking great on your resume.

Continue Your Education

Whether you decide to get a law degree online, take a few courses in a foreign language, or get an MBA of computer information systems, updating your skills makes you more attractive to current and future employers. If you already have a degree in your chosen field, and don’t want to pay for an expensive graduate degree, consider adult education courses in a field you have always been interested in to expand your skills. You could also decide to pursue an undergraduate degree in another field entirely. A love for learning makes you a prized asset in the professional world, so there’s no reason not to take some classes.

Avoid Gossip at All Costs

Everyone wants to gab about the biggest juicy scoop in your office. If you want to be valuable to your employers, feign ignorance of gossip unless another person’s actions will make you look incompetent. If it has nothing to do with your job function, don’t repeat it, or even listen to it. Even agreeing that a particular situation isn’t right, can come back to bite you later. Be the most discreet person at work and your job safety is secured.


Even if you have no plans to change jobs, being connected in your industry will help you. If you are well-known, your worth automatically goes up. Your current employer may start to come to you to find new talent, or scope out a new consultant. Being connected within your industry also ensures that you have an easy time finding a new position if you ever want one.

Making yourself valuable at your workplace takes some effort. However, you will be rewarded for being an asset if you follow these tips. Being your best is sometimes not all that is necessary to prove your worth. Go the extra mile and find ways to show your dedication to your work.

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