A Long Term Vision Demands For Career Planning Beforehand

Career Planning – A Way To Success!

Do you know how many times a person changes track of his/her career during his/her course of professional life? Roughly, many times! If you are similar to most of the people around you, then you will also most probably change your career a couple of times in your life. The important thing here is how well you should be able to make transitions between changing career paths. This is where your success depends.

Everyone who wants to have a healthy long term professional life should take some time off to think over how to go about in the future. Whether you have a job that you like or you are frustrated with your current employer, you should always plan for the future. Career planning basically means how you would go about from your current position to the position that you desire. For this, short and long term planning are the two kinds of career planning.

Short-term Career Planning

This specific kind of career planning focuses only on the year, which is going to come next and just a few couple of years that would follow. In this plan, it’s all about setting the targets and goals that are to be accomplished in the times to come only. One important thing you should do before career planning is to free yourself from all sorts of pressures; family and peer pressures, as well as laziness and procrastination. Don’t think about what others expect from you, rather think about what you can and want to achieve. Career planning is a lifelong process, it’s not something you decide one day and it executes the next day so take it slowly and carefully yet without delaying it unnecessarily.

Long-term Career Planning

This particular kind of career planning is a five year plan usually or sometimes for a longer period of time. It therefore involves a broader set of guidelines to be formulated as well as other preparations. The way businesses operate today must be very different from how they will run 10 years from now. Therefore, long term planning is based on such facts and so you should plan on developing those skills that would be required in the long run. So long term career planning is more about identifying what skills would be required, let’s say, after 6 years from now and then working to develop those skills.

Another important aspect of long term career planning is to identify the business and employment trends. For this, you should remain updated on the current changing trends in businesses and you will soon become an expert on where the track is going and act accordingly.

Career Planning Steps

Identify which way you want to go. Analyze the career move which you would take next. If you have several choices of career then you should narrow it down to just one or two so that you remain focused.

Once you have decided a limited number of careers that you would like to pursue, conduct a detailed study of those careers to see what’s it all about. Usually the name of a position seems interesting however the actual job description isn’t the one you were looking for. So it’s important you know all the details about the career you are willing to take. Go ahead with the one you prefer.

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