40 Best Jobs For 20-Years-old with Salary Info

Generally, students start exploring different job positions while studying or have recently completed their education to step into their careers. If you are one of these, you must have thought about what you want to pursue or what interests you, but are confused. Analyzing different well-paid employment options open for 20-years-old can aid in deciding what’s best for you. For this purpose, this article jots down the 40 best early-year jobs that you can do if you are around 20 years or older to give you a kickstart. For good measure, we have highlighted the positions that require little to no experience or minimum education. These can give you a better opportunity to begin your career with the best. 

1. Teacher Assistant

This job calls for making class schedules, designing lesson plans and activities, and tracking students’ attitudes in the class. In most institutions, they also get to handle assessments and presentations, sometimes playing a lead role. However, the applicant must have at least a high school education or GED to be eligible for this post. On getting the job, you may get an annual base pay of around $30 to $35. 

2. Clerk In Accounts Department

The accounts department is the heart of almost every institution: educational or industrial. Accountants at educational institutions generally have the responsibility of managing fees, payrolls, and expenditures. In the industrial departments, management of spending and earnings can also add to the duties. They might have to carry out financial analysis or bookkeeping as part of their job. This position requires an associate degree in accounting or a related field. The average annual salary of an accountant is around $37,069.

3. Human Resource Assistant

They generally facilitate updating and listing job posts, conducting interviews, and organizing or maintaining employee information and other data for file management. The average annual earnings of such employees are estimated at $41,667.

4. Preschool Educators

If you have an interest in teaching or experience handling infants, you can apply for the preschool educator’s position. It is a well-paid job, and the pay scale is estimated at around $45,112 a year. The job responsibilities list teaching children using visuals and graphics to draw their interest toward learning the alphabet and numbers. Some positions also conduct music and art sessions to teach the students a basic recognition of such things. 

5. IT Technicians

IT specialists repair computer parts or resolve troubleshooting in such devices. They educate people to use PCs or software, set the user devices, and install or upgrade new applications or software. The average pay scale of an IT support technician is $47,947 per year. However, this post calls for a primary level of knowledge about IT and hands-on expertise with PCs. 

6. Electrical Technicians

Electrician deals with building and repairing electrical components of domestic and industrial machinery, satellites, or other electronic equipment. They have to play with wires, circuits, and sockets, ensuring care and efficiency. They also deal with installations and testing devices. An average Electrical Technician can earn around $55,916 per year, which is a good start. 

7. Radiological Technician

People with hands-on command in conducting CT scans and MRIs or using X-Ray machines to scan and comprehensively study the internal body parts and detect the defaults for required diagnosis. The Radiological Technician also has to guide the patients about the procedure, prepare them emotionally and physically for the tests, and sometimes maintain the patient records. So, the applicants might need to clear the ARRT or American Registry of Radiologic Technologists exam to apply for this position and secure annual earnings of $70,105. 

8. Legal Assistant

Legal Assistants deal with court work or other legal documents that need persuasion in court. They deal with court documents and manage case files. They also handle the power of Attorneys, interact with judges and lawyers, take care of the billings, and transcribe and organize minutes. You can earn $48,425 annually in this position with qualitative performance and dedication. 

9. Marketing Assistant

This position requires the worker to create advertisements to promote products or services. They may have to handle the marketing department: planning marketing strategies, running social media campaigns and designing flyovers or media advertisements. The annual average salary of a marketing assistant is $53,767. Creativity and innovation are a must to understand and cater to the primary responsibilities of a Marketing Assistant. 

10. Dental Hygienist

They prepare the patients for treatments by cleaning their teeth and providing a sufficient finish. They guide the patients about the medical procedure and acquaint them with the association between oral hygiene and health. The dental hygienist also diagnoses the possible issues and informs the dentist. They also assist the dentist during cavity fillings, root canals, and surgeries. However, a start license issued by the dental board is the minimum requirement for this position. If we highlight its pay scale, it makes mostly around $89,998/year. 

11. Teaching Positions

A teaching License and a determination to interact and teach students make one eligible for this position. The most common pay range of an entry-level teacher varies from $36 to $45 per year. The primary responsibilities of a teacher are to create a comfortable and interactive learning environment for the students. They provide the lesson plans, administer lessons, give assignments, educate and mark their papers, detecting and correct their mistakes. They groom the students for their final exams or other tests in the future. 

12. Journalist

Journalists get several working platforms like newspapers, news agencies, magazines, radio stations, and social media reporters. He conducts comprehensive research on hot topics or recent happenings to report them with proper evidence and analysis. Journalists also conduct interviews with witnesses or renowned people to design a report or news article. A journalist can earn nearly $48,883 on average in a year. 

13. Content And Creative Writers

When you are choosing your career as a content writer or creative writer, you’ve got to figure out the niche and topic most suited to you. Moreover, it would be a plus point if you have an account on a medium and great portfolio to show your employer. As far as the salary is concerned, most content writers have a high income in the US. The average salary of a writer in the US is around $53,432.

14. Accountant

With an associate degree in accounting or finance management, you can get an accountant’s job with an average annual salary of approximately $59,567. This position calls for responsibilities like organizing and managing financial documents. For instance, paying receipts, filing taxes, expenditures, earnings, and tracking the payable amount. They double-check if the paying and receiving amount is accurate and check from where the money is coming or going.  

15. Social Worker

They serve as a counselor or philanthropist. They work in educational institutions, health departments, old homes, NGOs, and community offices to provide their services. This job requires working with people on-ground to listen to and resolve their problems. These people can be of different age groups and domains. It may include saving a person from abuse or providing them to give financial support, etc. The national annual earnings of a social worker, on average, are $56,170. 

16. Architecture

If you are into creative designing and drawing, the landscape architect job position is a suitable match. This job enables the worker to pen down his creativity on paper to create design layouts and provide new ideas for architecting ornaments, roads, walls, etc. It is an impressive-paid job for art lovers who can earn around $68,510 annually by pursuing their interests. 

17. Software Engineer

If you have a primary level proficiency in programming languages, you can apply for a junior software engineer position. The primary responsibilities of this post are to design, develop, and update different software. Yet, the junior software engineer works in a team of seniors to learn and earn together as a part-time or full-time job. The national average PayScale of a junior software engineer is around $78,048. 

18. IT Security Providers

 IT security specialists or engineers plan and design applications by integrating different software that provides the utmost protection and protocol to the devices from hackers. They also offer application protection locks to prevent data leaks or losing data to a third party. This position requires attention to detail and primary-level knowledge to tackle the intricacy of the work. However, the IT security specialist can estimate their annual salary as $79,824. 

19. Engineering Jobs

Besides Software Engineering, there are several engineering positions like civil, electrical, chemical, and mechanical. They employ scientific mechanisms and mathematical calculations on their expertise instruments to do what they know best. For instance, civil engineers use these techniques to build buildings, electrical and mechanical engineers play with electrical equipment and machinery, and the list goes on. The annual average salary of all engineering specialists’ jobs is around $89,874. 

20. Loan Qualification Provider

These officers educate and help the borrowers to apply and qualify for loans. They organize their documents, analyze their financial data regarding mortgages or loans, and guide them on the available products and companies to make the process easier for them. However, the applicants may have a license to meet the minimum requirement of this position. It is a highly-paid job. The annual salary of a Loan officer is $118,070 per year.

21. Sound Technicians

To be a sound technician is to have an excessive amount of knowledge about tech and sound engineering. The responsibility is huge, but also the salary. A sound technician makes $77,410 in the US.

22. Surgical Technologists

If you are planning to pursue your career as a surgical technologist, then you better start getting acquainted with all the tools necessary during the surgery. The US pays the surgical technician $35.64 per hour.

23. Automotive Service Providers

The automotive service provider has a knack for providing its services to mechanics, garages, towing companies, and transportation of motor vehicles. They earn around $23.89 per hour, which makes it $49.685 a year.

24. Therapy Assistant

Therapy assistants assist the patients and administer them to the therapists, while also learning from the seniors. The US pays therapy assistants $29.42 per hour. Their annual wages are $61,180.

25. Forensic Lab Assistant

Forensic lab assistant runs tests in the laboratory to get an accurate report. Moreover, the field consists of different kinds of departments, as the crime department assistant’s job is to collect and preserve evidence found at the crime scene. They make $50,843 every year.

26. Sports Coach

The sports coach is particular for the specific games. They must train the team that game to compete against their opponents. The salary of a sports coach typically falls between $67,025 and $113,096.

27. Research Assistant

The research Assistant’s duties are to assist the organization to provide support by helping them in collecting data, analyzing, and interpreting data. They earn $19.13 per hour, according to the US.

28. Photographer Or Camera Operators

To be a photographer one needs to have all the knowledge about cameras, lenses, gimbals, and whatnot. You can also choose to be any kind of photographer, for instance, a wildlife photographer, or a fashion photographer. Photographers’ salaries fall between $35,513 and $52,598

29. Call Service Providers

Call centers also love accommodating teenagers with little or no experience or who are still studying. The representative has the primary responsibility of contacting different people to market the company’s services or products and bring leads. However, considerable customer service skills are mandatory to ace this job and earn an hourly pay rate of nearly $16.70. 

30. Cashier At Supermarkets

It’s the best opportunity if a supermarket near you has a vacancy for a cashier. Generally, they hire teenagers who are still studying or interested in a part-time job. So, you don’t need any experience. This position is suitable for 20-years individuals having a strong grip on calculations and can confidently handle customers. The base salary of a Cashier is around $10 to $12 per hour. 

31. Bartender

These jobs don’t seem impressive but offer flexible timings and a considerable pay scale that makes it worth the while to make your vacations productive. Plus, you don’t need any prior experience for this. 

32. Cook At Restaurant

There are many job opportunities as a line cook, and it is a preferable option if you love experimenting with cooking or have a specialty in it. Line cooks generally hold a special area like grilling, baking, or cooking. The median pay scale of a restaurant cook is around $35,148. 

33. Swimming Lifeguard

They must supervise and rescue the swimmers, surfers, or children learning to swim. The pay scale of a Swimming Lifeguard depends on the location. Yet, the average annual salary is marked around $27,434 to $31,457 annually. 

34. Web Developer

The web developer builds the website, ensuring the maintenance of the designed layout. It is a technical job that requires skills and hands-on experience of at least entry-level to succeed in this field. Entry-level web developers generally have a median pay of around $78,610 which increases with the level-up to the junior or senior web developer. 

35. Graphic Designer

It is a skill-based job. So, you can only earn a high salary with experience. Yet, the average base salary of a Graphic designer in the United States is $48,033 per year, with the lowest range set at $35k and the highest at $66k. Graphic designers generally visualize the provided content with graphics or typography. They can also design websites. 

36. Market Specialist

Market Specialist plans and handle the advertisement and marketing campaigns to target the demographics of their focused market or meet their price range. The annual average salary of the Marketing specialist is $56,869, who also works with the teams to research the market. 

37. Project Manager

Tech industries generally hire Project Managers to handle the overall product marketing, sales, design, finalizing, and launching. However, they can work in any company to manage complex tasks and ensure to meet deadlines. Their responsibilities are more related to the business and marketing niche. Therefore, they require at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management. The project Manager’s Median base salary range is around $125,317. 

38. Quality Analyst

Quality assurance or QA engineer with a bachelor’s degree in the respective fields tests the software, applications, and equipment to ensure their performance and efficiency before their launch. The IT quality analyst requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and an entry-level experience in programming languages. Food quality analysts must have a degree in food and technology to be eligible for the post. The average base salary of a QA engineer is $87,626 per year. 

39. Sales Manager 

The sales manager leads the company’s sales team to reach targets while competing in the market. If you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or a relevant field, you can apply as a sales manager in any organization, as every company requires one. The primary duties are to guide the sales team about the processes, set the sales target, and create new techniques to meet market quotas. The base salary of the sales manager is $79,962. 

40. Administrator 

Administrator at schools and colleges hold administrative department where he handles the fee vouchers, manages organizational costs, guides students to such processes, and other administrating tasks. The average annual salary of an administrator is. An associate degree in a relevant field or entry-level experience is mandatory for this position. 


The best thing is you can choose most of these jobs as both half-time and full-time or as an internship during your vacations. These are the best options to gain a work experience in the professional field to advance in your preferred career. However, the work options don’t end here. There are more jobs in the market that you can choose from according to your interest; personal preference is significant in every step of your life for job satisfaction and mental peace for high-end performance on your behalf. It will aid you in building your resume, besides experience and money. 

So, are you ready to take the first step toward your career? I hope this article helps you in planning your future.