3 Specific Tips You Should Know To Start a Career in Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the branches of signage (the other being static signage). Signage is concerned with the use and design of symbols and signs in order to communicate a piece of information or a message to a target audience.

The main purpose of signage is for public information, promotion and marketing but there are several other user cases for signage.

A career in digital signage will get you involved in the software, hardware, maintenance and installation of equipment used

in digital media as well as creating and designing content that will be used on devices. The most common devices used are LED, LCD, projectors, mobile phones and even smart watches.

Below is a guideline of the necessary information that you will need to know as you begin a career in digital signage.

Necessary character traits

1. Passion

You will need more than just academic interest and a salary to motivate you to spend those necessary hours doing your own research, working on a concept or brainstorming session. Passion is very necessary for you to be able to survive in this industry that is ever changing and requires staying up to speed in order to be relevant.

For example, you need to find fun in concepts like SEO that have not yet become common in most academic programs.

2. Inquisitiveness and communication skills

You will need to be able to ask clients question tactfully in order to understand what they need and be able to implement it in digital signage.

3. Be a team player

It is very important to be a team player in this industry. Many skill sets are required in the industry that cannot all be mastered by an individual. This makes being a member of a synergistic team quite necessary.

You could also leverage on the skill of dominant digital signage expertise that has substantial experience in all facets of this industry. A good place to look for such experience would be http://www.dopublicity.com/.

Education available

The digital signage industry is relatively young and therefore not yet very well developed in most established academic institutions. However, more and more options are available to those who want to chart a direct course towards a digital signage career. Some of the paths are as follows:

  • Some suppliers of digital signage equipment provide technology or device centric training programs.
  • Some companies in the industry also provide training courses and educational programs.
  • Recently an online training program called the Digital Signage for Technology Managers Online has been unveiled. This course is from Infocomm International, an organization whose purpose is to grow and meet the need for digital signage education.
  • Training programs are also beginning to catch up among colleges. Few colleges now provide an associate degree in digital signage technology.

Certifications available

Once you have received your training from your choice digital signage program, it is essential to get an official certification. These certifications are mainly from an industry and design perspective. A number of certifications are available within this industry provided by the below associations including:

  • DSEG
  • DSF
  • ISA and
  • SEGD

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Keith McFadden was in the static outdoors marketing industry for 14 years before he smoothly transitioned into the digital signage industry with the help of professionals from http://www.dopublicity.com/.  He highly recommends them for any of your digital signage needs from both a consumer and user perspective. Visit his blog to find out more about his journey and recommendations.

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