25 Websites For Entry-Level Writing Jobs

Finding an entry-level writing job is tough when you do not know where to search. Well, I have good news for you. If you wish to get reasonable payment, you have lots of opportunities in the form of freelance platforms. These platforms exist to help freelance writers in connecting with potential clients. Finding decent freelance writing projects may be tough for professional writers, and entering the market is extremely difficult. Finding a reputable, paid internet writing job is one of the most difficult challenges for writers trying to get compensated for their work.

In this article, I have listed 25 sites for entry-level writing jobs that help in finding the best writing jobs for entry-level writers. These sites provide freelancers the best opportunity to search for full-time and part-time work. In this article, you will learn our recommendations for outstanding entry-level writing websites. Let’s go!! Some reliable resources for searching online writing are given below.

1. Problogger

ProBlogger is another job board for entry-level bloggers. It is a fantastic way to recruit both professional and entry-level writers. The site provides resources that enable bloggers to improve their blogs and help attract the best authors and writers worldwide. ProBlogger attracts prestigious and highest-paying writing as well as editing jobs. You can apply on ProBlogger.com for both full-time and part-time writing jobs. The pay for ProBlogger jobs is determined by performance. Determine your pricing based on the typical time and effort required, and communicate it to the job advertiser.

2. Contena

Contena is another writing job website that helps in searching best writing jobs. It is a recommended website because it offers content writing opportunities in various categories such as education, health, lifestyle, finance, tech, health, and entertainment. You may be on a waitlist when you sign up for this site. This site is not open for sign-ups always, but you will have to wait for an email. After opening an email, you must sign in and purchase a membership to access all resources like job boards, academies, coaches, etc.

3. Freelance Writers Den

Freelancing Writer Den is a platform developed by an experienced freelancer blogger and writer named “Carol Tice.” It is an active platform available to both entry-level and experienced writers. The site is a community of experienced writers that helps beginners in making 5 to 6 figures income.

 Freelance Writers Den is the best online resource for authors wishing to start and grow successful freelance writing jobs. Members get complete access to these advantages: Client and freelancer contract templates and Pitch samples that are effective. Writing reviews will help you enhance your talents.

4. Writer Access

Writer Access is a writing job site where more than 15,000 writers work to create case studies, blog posts, white papers, and much more. It is one of the freelancing platforms that helps company owners looking for various freelancing services such as writing, keyword research, web development, etc. To join this amazing platform, you must follow some conditions. It will be best if you are in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, and South Africa. You will begin by creating your profile and passing the writing test. After taking a writing test, experts will verify your proficiency and expertise before offering you a potential writer job.

5. Iwriter

iWriter is one of the best and most reliable freelancing sites, making searching for potential clients easier for entry-level writers. To join this platform, you must fill out the form and submit two short 250-word prompts. You will select any writing job and capture new clients based on the result. At the start, you will be a Standard writer, and your level will increase with time. You will earn handsome money per project as you enhance your writing skills and level.

6. Flexjobs

FlexJobs is a writing platform where beginners may find freelance writing opportunities. They don’t only provide writing positions but also list job openings in a variety of sectors. FlexJobs has thousands of listings daily, which is unique since they cater to the remote work market. It is a job search website focused on persons seeking employment flexibility. They specialize in home, part-time, & freelance opportunities. FlexJobs guarantees that every job on its site is flexible and free of scams.

7. Freelancer

Based on the overall number of jobs & users, Freelancer is the world’s top freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace. Freelancer is a perfect platform that provides various job ads and career opportunities. You’ll have no trouble finding a writing job if you’re a copywriter, publisher, grant author, content strategist, or imaginative writer. On Freelancer, you can get jobs such as copywriting, editing, grant writing, technical writing and resume writing. The platform provides organized technical support and fresh writing opportunities daily.

8. Constant Content

Constant Content is well-established and the largest marketplace for content writing. It serves as a content marketing service that helps to connect writers with top companies such as eBay, Walgreens, and Uber. The site helps authors and writers to sell their writing work, and editors on the site help to provide detailed support and feedback to the writers. Every content writer needs to pass a quiz as well as provide a writing sample to get work on Constant Content. It helps in building long-term and healthy relationships between clients and writers.  

9. Scripted

Scripted is another online writing marketplace that helps to build connections between freelance writers and companies. These writers help to provide services such as social media posts, articles, and blogs. You can write as a ghostwriter for those clients who need fresh writing. This platform will be your best option if you belong to Canada, Australia, the United States, and Europe. Freelance writing, blogging, social media posts, consumer reports, and publishing are some writing jobs offered by “Scripted.” Payment of Content depends on the type, article length, and topic assigned by the client.

10. Online Writing Jobs

Online writing jobs is a free site for United States freelance writers that helps in offering writing opportunities for both entry-level and experienced writers. To get writing jobs, you should be familiar with “Search Engine Optimization” because most of the clients on this platform wish to increase visitors to their websites. You can work as a blogger, copywriter, and SEO content writer on this platform. The pay for most of the writing content ranges from $5 to $50. It is a free site, and writers can get paid every week. It also offers helpful resources to writers to enhance their writing ability.

11. All Freelance Writing

All Freelance Writing is a community for writers that allows you to apply for creative writing assignments. You may also browse their blog to obtain creative writing advice and access free materials, including their word count tracker and rate calculator. The site’s Jobs section provides listings for freelancing writing jobs you can apply for.

12. We Work Remotely

If you are looking for the best entry-level writing job site, “We Work Remotely” is the perfect option. The site is one of the largest and most popular remote communities globally. To get a writing job, you must go to the right from the website homepage. You will get instant access to various remote jobs in many industries, like marketing, programming, and writing. On this site, you do not require membership to access job listings. You can apply for any writing job of interest by clicking the “Apply for job” on the spot.

13. Working Nomads

Working Nomads is a free online employment platform that focuses on the world of digital nomads. It aggregates remote jobs from sites such as Toptal, Study.com, and others and delivers them to you in one location. You can browse the writing area to find online writing jobs and connect to those that intrigue you. It is a great and awesome platform for those writers who want to capture writing jobs easily.

14. Media Bistro

This site can assist if you’re looking for new online writing possibilities or want to enhance your talents. The employment board is largely for seeking jobs in the media in the United States. They also occasionally provide freelance or remote employment. Media Bistro is a free career website where you may look for writing, publishing, advertising, and other positions. It’s free to access and register, but you don’t have to register to apply for employment.

15. Guru

Guru is an online freelance platform where writers can easily get jobs in writing such as article writing, sale copy, product description writing, etc. You will need to send a quote with the price while searching and applying for writing jobs. Guru is a free platform to join but to get upgradation, you need to get paid or premium membership. Premium memberships provide access to various benefits such as premium quotes, sending direct messages, boosting profile ranking and paying low job fees, etc.

16. Linkedin

If you have a LinkedIn profile, it is the best opportunity to attract new clients. It is a great resource that enables you to build healthy and strong social networking via common connections. While making a connection on LinkedIn, you need to check the “jobs section .”After checking out the sections, sign up for an email alert option. The option enables you to get alerts about the posted jobs that match your interest and skills. Most of these jobs will be location-based and hire you as a writer after sending your resume or CV. When an employer offers a job opening, many LinkedIn members post an update. If you’re searching for a part-time or maybe full-time job, it’s good to check your newsfeed for updates.

Finally, all legitimate businesses have specialized LinkedIn sites. These sites contain high-quality job openings and will display in your feed if you have adjusted your interests appropriately. These openings span a variety of fields, from writing to content creation.

17. Writerbay

WriterBay is another supplier of writing jobs. It is a site that is looking for writers who are well proficient and specialized in their respective fields and always ready to deliver high-quality Content. If you want to work on Writerbay, you must fill out the application form, pass the test that assesses formatting and grammar skills, write a short prompt and upload any relevant sample essay. Besides a strong desire to make huge money and writing skills, you need a reliable and smooth internet connection to work on WriterBay. No registration fee is applied upon registration, and you will get free lifetime membership on WriterBay. The site also offers room for personal and professional growth. You will also get a 24/7 writer support team that gives useful instruction anytime you need it.

18. Vollna

Villa is another entry-level writing job site that helps you save time in writing job searching; you will get many curated jobs that match your expertise via email. The site offers a 14-day free trial, and after that, you will have a paid plan that begins at $ 10 every month. You will get real-time notifications from relevant freelancing websites through email. Villa provides instant access to writing jobs from Guru, Freelancer, or Fiverr in one dashboard. The site crawls reliable freelancing websites to analyze and collect the data 24/7 and make it available to its users.

19. Textbroker

Another writing firm that helps writers to find new clients is Textbroker. Joining the website as a writer is free and provides you access to hundreds of writing tasks. The website also processes payments and includes tools for project management to keep dealing with customers as simple and effectively as possible. The site also provides authors with access to writing tools, allowing them to develop their talents and receive feedback on the stuff they create.

20. The Writer Finder

Are you looking for a writer who offers you high-quality Content? If yes, then “The Writer Finder” is a growth machine company and a writing platform that helps with content creation. The site is always searching for the best and most creative writing talent that provides high-quality Content. A writer can sign-up and become a member of the writer database. To apply for the job, writers need to provide a writing sample to assess writing skills and style.

21. People Per Hour

People-Per-Hour is a comparable freelancing portal to Fiverr. It enables freelancers to join up and build profiles where they show their writing talents. The platform makes it simple to examine bids and proposals. The website also hosts design competitions where designers can showcase their work while bidding for assignments.

22. Who Pays Writers

Who Pay Writers is a gold mine platform for writers to explore hundreds of thousands of publications in the form of a list. The list shows your publication submission and provides information about the payment per word. The site offers writers the best and most adorable opportunity for research and learning.

23. Contently

Contently is another freelance writing website that helps freelancers to connect with bigger companies and brands. To get a better reputation, try to screen and select new freelancers. They hired the right freelancers having a good portfolio to provide many writing job opportunities.

You can access many projects with bigger brands like Coca-Cola and Microsoft. These projects tend to pay you very well. But you have to wait for some time to get job opportunities.

24. Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a free career portal for writers & media workers in industries such as papers, television, magazines, politics, and education. You may quickly and effortlessly enter the job hunt from the main page and look for creative writing opportunities. The site also offers an opportunity to set job alerts to know the right instruction about upcoming freelance writer jobs.

25. Medium

Medium places most of its Content behind the paywall for those readers who subscribed to the premium version. The site allocates some part of the fee to pay those writers who are subscribed to the partner program. The payment criteria of the medium are based on the member rating on a particular post. With the help of a medium partner program, members can get paid for writing Content for their members every month. Medium provides an opportunity to write whatever you want. The main concern is using the best technique to capture the attention of the audience who will read your Content. Many of the top medium writers publish their Content on publication. So, if you wish to write for publications, build a strong relationship with the editor and look for valuable submission guidelines. Medium proofreaders and copy editors will also work with top writers on their Content and promote them.


In the end, kindly share your feedback with us. According to my experience, ProBlogger is the best job board for entry-level bloggers. It is a fantastic way to recruit both professional and entry-level writers. The site provides resources that enable bloggers to improve their blogs and help attract the best authors and writers worldwide.