Top 15 Trusted Websites For Online Data Entry Jobs

In the current world, looking for a job differs from the methods used by job seekers in the past. Previously, you had to peruse newspaper classifieds and other print media to know which companies had job openings. But now, establishments use their websites for advertising job openings detailing all the essential information a potential candidate must have to decide their suitability for the position.

The challenge is that numerous companies in the world make it very challenging to find these job opportunities. Still, it’s not feasible for applicants to manage multiple company websites while scouting for job opportunities. It can lead to mismanagement and a loss of suitable job vacancies. To sort out this challenge, job sites and hiring portals act as a mediator between recruiters and candidates to help find appropriate candidates to fill the vacant slots in their companies.

There are many job opportunities on these portals, including data entry jobs that are in high demand. In addition to jobs, they also provide mentorship and internship opportunities. Some reliable online data entry job sites include:

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1. Upwork

Upwork is a popular freelancing website offering plenty of remote work, including data entry. Due to its reliability, the platform boasts many remote tasks posted weekly on the portal. The project duration and cost vary depending on the scope of work and the recruiting organization.

How Does Upwork Operate? 

Freelancers join the website and create profiles that match their skill set, experience, and qualifications. If approved, you’ll be free to bid for jobs. And if chosen, you begin working as per the recruiter’s directives. You can select a project based on the description, expertise, duration, and bid amount and use a hirer’s profile to gauge credibility.

Upwork’s popularity stems from its safety features and the high likelihood of freelancers receiving their pay for work delivered. A client who posts a job on the site must make a cash deposit on escrow to express their commitment. Once a successful applicant completes a task to the client’s satisfaction, Upwork releases the funds, which the freelancer can receive after a 5-day wait period. During this 5-day waiting period, any misunderstanding between the freelancer and client is handled before the funds are released.

If you are unfamiliar with navigating the site, apply filters while searching for data entry jobs to make finding tasks that you qualify for easier. The filters are excellent as you can choose verified employers who have reserved cash deposits with the site. This is important as it exhibits an employer’s seriousness and guarantees payment once you complete a task.

Filters also help you choose an expert level so that if you are an entry-level freelancer, you can select jobs that don’t require any technical experience. The working hours on Upwork are incredibly flexible, and the payment is timely. Website management also tries to weed out scammers to protect freelancers and clients from losing their investments while interacting on the platform.

2. Fiverr 

Like Upwork, Fiverr is also a freelancing platform and one of the top remote data entry sites for freelancers looking for job opportunities. It is a fantastic portal for gigs with varying expertise and payment. Fiverr is a safe and secure platform trusted by millions of entrepreneurs seeking to hire professional data entry clerks. It is also a preference for freelancers as it offers an assurance of payment and a loyal supply of clientele.

To start, create an account, and fill in your details by customizing it to ensure you are visible so that people searching for data entry clerks can find you. Once your profile receives approval, you can use filters to segregate the jobs per your qualifications.

3. Indeed 

Indeed is a world-leading job website with over 250 million visitors and consistent monthly traffic. The platform strives to connect job seekers with potential hirers and give them free access to search for job vacancies, post curriculum vitae and explore different organizations. Indeed has a mission to match recruiters with job applicants and has a large workforce to support this objective.

How To Search For Data Entry Job Opportunities On Indeed

Using indeed is similar to operating a search engine like Google. Type in the job description you are looking for, indicating the job title, skills or employer. The search results will appear containing the information you’re looking for.

However, you must create an account and upload your resume to get the best out of the platform. Next, browse positions by location in the search bar and filter results based on your needs. Remember to set up job alerts to know when a job vacancy in your field is available—also, research organizations to learn more about jobs on offer. Explore salaries and business cultures to help you plan for the upcoming interview in case you advance to the next level.

Creating an account allows you to save jobs that interest you. It also gives you an opportunity to apply later. Immediately after applying, you’ll be able to track your status from the same page. It also makes it easier to track all other opportunities that interest you.

During the application process, you can either visit the company website and submit your application from there or use your Indeed resume to upload your testimonials. Indeed resume is a flexible template that lets you key in relevant experience, academic qualifications and skills. Many employers search Indeed resumes for job applicants that meet their job descriptions. Uploading your resume allows hirers to find and easily reach out to you for open job vacancies. The platform also allows you to conveniently apply for job postings by quickly attaching and uploading your relevant documents already uploaded on the site. With the customizable settings, you can click the private option to prevent employers from browsing your resume or browse free resume samples by industry or job title to get inspiration. Besides remote job opportunities, Indeed matches applicants with job opportunities in their localities.

4. Freelancer 

Freelancer is a freelancing website that consists of a set of job opportunities and connects job seekers with opportunities. First, you must create an account and, once approved, gain access to bid for plenty of opportunities uploaded on the site. To narrow your hunt, type in the job title in the search bar. The site will make it easier for you to apply for jobs that meet your needs. It will provide plenty of remote data entry jobs to choose from. To increase your chances, bid for many jobs without losing enthusiasm. Sometimes, it takes time before you land your first opportunity. If you’re an entry-level freelancer, choose jobs that complement your skills. You can share job samples you’ve done for clients outside the platform as proof of your competence and experience. You can also create a portfolio with pieces of your best projects and share it on your profile.

How To Avoid Getting Scammed On A Freelancer Job Website 

Scammers make it difficult for people to believe that you can legitimately earn online. Because of swindlers who repeatedly cheat naïve users on the platform, the reputation of outsourcing sites like Freelancer loses credibility. You can escape falling victim to scammers on Freelancer:

  • Before Accepting To Tackle An Assignment, Research The Employer By Checking What Others Say About Them. Sometimes Conducting An Analysis May Be Challenging, Especially When Dealing With a First-Time Employer. Checking Reviews Will Help You Gauge The Employer’s Credibility By Reading The Opinions Of Others Who’Ve Worked With Them.
  • Check If Their Payment Is Verified. It Is Possible To Tell When An Employer Deposits Some Money On The Platform As It Reflects With a Blue Dollar Sign Instead Of Grey.  
  • Serious Employers Give Details And Clear, Understandable Project Descriptions.
  • There’s a Danger When a Project’s Pay Is Way Above The Standard Rate.
  • Generally, Projects That Employers Pay To Post Appear As Featured, Private, Sealed Bids Or Appear With Full-Time Tags Indicating a Trustworthy Employer Who Can Pay For Services.
  • A Trustworthy Employer Must Be Willing To Approve Milestones And Pay You On The Platform. It Is a Red Flag When An Employer Suggests Taking The Project Off The Platform. It May Be a Way Of Getting You To Work For Them For Free. When You Stick To Working On The Forum, The Bidding Company May Intervene Should a Misunderstanding Arise Between The Freelancer And The Client.  

5. Flexjobs 

Flexjobs is a recruiting website that posts plenty of data entry jobs. Not only are they legit, but they make it their mission to vet and work with legitimate clients. They also hand-picking jobs to ensure quality and reliability for their freelancers. With over 30,000 jobs available in over 50 categories, Flexjobs is arguably one of the best freelancing options. The platform curates and guarantees tons of high-quality legitimate jobs. Plus, they offer tools and resources to help find excellent data entry job opportunities.  

6. Truelancer

Truelancer is another platform for bridging the gap between customers and freelancers. You can earn a decent wage on this site whether you’re starting out or as an experienced data entry expert. To begin, you must create an account and build a profile that displays your skills, qualifications and experience. The options are plenty, especially if you have proven experience and some positive reviews from pleased clients. But if you’re a newbie, don’t despair. Just look for entry-level freelancer opportunities or those that don’t require much expertise.

Data Entry Job Requirements 

  • Ability To Operate a Desktop Computer Or Laptop By Installing The Necessary Software That Allows You To Create Folders, Store Information, Edit Documents, Move Files And Key In Data.
  • You Must Have a Basic Knowledge Of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs Or Google Sheets.
  • A Good Typing Speed As Data Entry Tasks Involves Plenty Of Keying In Numbers.
  • Excellent Communication Skills To Help You Follow And Understand a Client’s Instructions, Ask Questions And Engage In Discussions. The Ability To Navigate Skype, Zoom And Google Meet Will Help Create a Positive First Impression When Interacting With An Employer.
  • Basic Online Research Skills To Help You Find Information.
  • Employers Prefer Working With An Experienced Freelancer. If You Lack Practical Skills, Look For a Mentor Or Internship Opportunities Where You Can Volunteer Your Services And Gain Much-Needed Experience.

7. Referrals

One of the best ways of getting long-term data entry jobs is through referrals from friends and relatives. An employer is always quick to hire someone recommended to them by an acquaintance, colleague, or relative. People are more willing to trust the opinion of people they know, so it is easier to get a job when someone recommends your services. Why not offer to help friends or family members with their data entry tasks in exchange for recommendations and reviews?

8. Peopleperhour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance website that connects entrepreneurs with freelance workers all over the world. If you require a last-minute data entry expert, People Per Hour is at hand to sort you out. The website customization caters to every kind of budget and experience level. By browsing the website, clients search for freelancers that meet their job descriptions. They are at liberty to invite them to bid for job postings or request them for interviews.

9. Toptal

If you need very experienced top data entry expertise, then Toptal is an excellent place to conduct your search. It is an exclusive platform that hires top experts in software development, finance experts, project managers, or skilled data entry professionals. Top organizations turn to Toptal for their major projects. It would help if you were highly skilled to get acceptance, as the rigorous process accepts a very tiny fraction of the total number of applicants. However, they work for top companies that pay their freelancers good wages and offer excellent job opportunities.   

10. Guru 

Guru aims to provide a secure, flexible and transparent channel to make it easier for freelancers and recruiters to connect, network, and collaborate in getting projects done.

How To Start 

  • Sign Up By Creating And Verifying Your Freelance Account.
  • Build Your Profile By Adding Services And a Portfolio To Help You Stand Out And Leave An Impact On Potential Employers.
  • Search For Job Opportunities And Send a Quote.
  • Discuss The Quote Details With The Employer.
  • Finalize The Agreement And Start Working.
  • Use The Workroom To Share Files.
  • You Can Add Teams, Assign Roles And Collaborate On Tasks.
  • You Can Also Monitor workflow, Create Updates, Make Payments And Create Invoices.
  • Get Paid Securely Through Safepay, Paypal, Payoneer, Or Wire Transfer.

11. Workana 

Workana is another freelance website that connects freelancers with potential employers. You can search, vet, and hire skilled labor within minutes and get tasks done with minimal cost to begin working on the platform. Hundreds of new clients looking for freelancers post their projects on Workana each week, so you have a chance to access a consistent flow of tasks each day. 

Create your profile and describe your skills and experience. Once accepted, you can browse the available projects and start sending your proposal. The platform allows you to work with multiple clients where you can build solid and long-term relationships. 

12. Clickworker

At Clickworker, you can access the numerous data entry tasks uploaded on the site. One good thing about it is that you can multitask and work on several projects simultaneously. To begin, sign up on the website and complete your user profile. Create your free account to allow you to browse the pool of available job opportunities. You can also download the android or iOS app to conveniently receive notifications on your phone. 

After completing your profile, you must attempt the short assessments, to improve your ratings and credibility. Clickworker is always looking for freelancers worldwide who can correct text, participate in surveys, undertake research tasks and categorize data. 

At Clickworker, you work independently and operate on a flexible schedule. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a computer, and a determination to excel at the tasks you handle. You also decide how much work you want to take on. Good results guarantee a consistent flow of assignments, where you will get paid weekly or monthly. 

13. Ziprecruiter

Thankfully, no college degree is needed to get these kinds of tasks. To excel at data entry, you must be detail-oriented, have basic knowledge of the program you’ll be using, and be able to type at high speeds. Many employers require that you complete a typing test before hiring you. The exact typing speed varies from one employer to the next. However, being a quick and accurate typist is always an added advantage. Once you create your profile on the site, you get a chance to upload your resume, cover letter, and any other relevant documents. You can set your notifications to receive updates on all data entry projects posted on the site. 

14. Glassdoor 

At Glassdoor, a high school diploma or equivalent degree can get you jobs on the platform. Most employers prefer working with data entry clerks with specialized experience in programs like Ms. Excel, Google Sheets, or other database software. Applicants with exceptional communication skills with the ability to support a busy office setup tend to thrive in this role. 

To get job opportunities, browse currently open positions. Glassdoor gives you options to apply for jobs near you. Once you get a positive response, research more on the employer and adequately prepare for the interview to give you a better chance of getting the job. 

15. Zippia 

Zippia has a fantastic job search tool that allows you to select data entry tasks, the company you wish to work for, and your working hours. If you’re a beginner, you can specify that you’re looking for entry-level positions only. To begin, browse the job board for relevant postings. To increase your likelihood of getting a job, take time and update your testimonials. The best thing about Zippia is that it offers tips and guidance to help you create a professional resume and cover letter in minutes. There are many formats and layout structures to choose from, allowing you the opportunity to create captivating testimonials and stand out with a well-designed CV and application letter. 


The universe is becoming a global village, so hiring a workforce from anywhere is becoming increasingly more accessible. Distance is no longer a barrier. You can get a dream job in a different country while working in the comfort of your house. Currently, hirers can scroll through profiles, check reviews and hire a skilled expert from anywhere at the click of a button.